30ML PRP Tubes

30ML PRP Tubes


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10 - 19$100.00
20 - 49$88.00
50 +$62.00

30mL tube- 1 PRP preparation tube per box

Store:  Juventix
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With a larger capacity, these 30ml tubes are perfect for procedures requiring significant plasma volumes, ensuring high purity and concentration.

  • Large Volume: Ideal for extensive treatment areas.
  • Reliable Performance: Provides consistent results for large-scale applications.

Extensive aesthetic procedures and broad-area musculoskeletal treatments.

Triple Sterilization Process | Progen-Free

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) preparation tube for autogenous use.

  • Medical PRP Tube 30ML

Our 30ml prep tube is precision molded and manufactured from premium grade materials, ensuring they are chemical- free. One 30ml PRP preparation tube is included with each box.  No sharps are included.  Suited for VitalitySpin the CENT6-XL Centrifuge.

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